The spring/summer'17 shows were a true rainbow of colours but the stand- outs were pink and yellow. Lots of people are put off by colour because a head-to-toe cheap hair extensions look can seem scary. But, it is possible to wear once you find the right tone. A delicate, soft pink is an easy entry point before working up to bolder, and even clashing, tones. If you don't want oakley replica to wear it all over, use as an accent colour on shoes or make one piece of clothing the statement. Yellow is one of those colours that everyone says they can't wear, but they can: the trick is finding the right shade. Paler skin tones should head for pastel shades, whereas darker skin tones can get cheap moncler jackets away with pretty much any shade, although mustard or a brighter yellow will always look fab. This season the high street has well and truly answered the brief, with cheap ray ban everything from the palest lemon to the deepest canary on offer, so there is no excuse not to wear yellow with complete confidence.
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