About Us


Homestands, LLC presently consists of three (3) members who, in total, offer over One Hundred and thirty (130) years of professional experience. A summary of their respective background and professional experience is as follows.


Larry Goldberg, Managing Member. Mr. Goldberg has over fifty (50) years of professional experience, including many years in the financial services sector. In addition, Mr. Goldberg developed and subsequently sold two (2) successful small businesses, one being in the high-tech optical science of Holography, the other being a mail-order supplier of low cost educational items.

Myron Wasserman, Member. Having approximately forty (40) years of experience as an Artist/Designer, Mr. Wasserman has designed and sculpted specialty metal mobiles and stabiles for private clients since 1987 from his business, Wasserman Studios. During his professional career, Mr. Wasserman has received numerous awards for his artistic and graphic productions. His design and production facility serves as Homestands’ base of manufacturing operations from which sample products are designed, assembled and shipped.


Eric Berger, Member. For the past twenty-one years, Mr. Berger has been president of Color Reflections, Inc. Prior to that, he was in the real estate business. Color Reflections is a grand format digital printer in Philadelphia, Pa., with five affiliated companies throughout the U.S. Eric brings his years of production and manufacturing expertise to the position of Vice President of Manufacturing at Homestands.