Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What sizes are available?
A. Custom Homestands™ can be ordered in any of three sizes – 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10”. They are printed on Sintra, a form of PVC and can be ordered with or without an acrylic base.
Production Homestands™ can be ordered in sizes from 3” to 48”, and in quantities from 10 to 1,000,000. They are printed directly on PVC, and are available with or without acrylic bases.
Collectible Homestands™ are typically in a 4x6” size, and are printed on PVC, and attached to an acrylic base.

Q. How many people or objects can be on a Homestand™?
A. It doesn’t matter. Homestands™ are ordered by size, not the number of people or objects in the photo. Keep in mind that the more complex the photo, the smaller the people or objects will be. You may want to order the 8x10” size if there are a number of people or objects, i.e., a soccer team.

Q. Can we send our photograph to you by mail?
A. No. All photographs must be uploaded through the method contained on the Custom Homestands™ page. Scan the photo to your computer and upload it to us. For special orders or exceptions, please contact us.

Q. How do I know my Homestand™ will look as good as the ones you show on the website?
A. Good question! The higher the resolution, the better the Homestand™. We prefer to work with images that are at least 300 dpi. If you don’t know the resolution of your photo, upload it anyway. We’ll let you know if we think there’s a problem.

Q. How long does it take for you to ship my Homestands™?
A. For Custom and Collectible Homestands™, your order should be sent within 10 days of receipt of payment. Some longer times may occur during holiday seasons. We’ll let you know if a delay is possible. For Production Homestands™, please contact us for delivery times.

Q. How do you ship?
A. Normally, shipping is done via Priority Mail, which generally takes 2 or 3 days. If you need your Homestands™ sooner, UPS Next Day Service is available for an additional charge.

Q. How much are your shipping charges?
A.After checking with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), we’ve determined that Priority Mail rates are approximately 15%, based on the weight of your order. Since the USPS rates start at $7.10, that is the minimum we charge on orders up to $71.00. Orders in excess of $71.00 have a shipping charge of 15% of your product order. UPS Next Day and Second Day Service is available for an additional charge. For Canadian and International shipments, please contact us for your shipping charges.

Q. How do I pay for my Homestands™?
A.For simplicity, we accept Paypal only. You can use your credit card for payment on PayPal. To open a PayPal Account, go to We do not accept checks or money orders. For Production Homestan™ quantities, please contact us. All orders are payable in U.S. Funds.

Q. Why are Collectible Homestands™ produced primarily in a  size that’s approximately 4" x 6"?
A. There are specific places people choose to display their collectibles for all to see - display boxes, bookcases, shelves, mantles, and desks are among the favorites. We considered each in deciding upon an approximate standard size. We think you’ll agree that this size works well for displaying your Homestands™ Collection.

Q. What if I really don’t like the finished product?
A. We’d be surprised, since all products are checked for quality before shipping, and we don’t send anything out with our name on it if we’re not satisfied. However, your satisfaction is very important to us. Please read our Return Policy.

Q. How durable are Homestands™?
A. Well, the one we show on the Custom Homestands™ page was made in 1928. Unlike in 1928, our Custom Homestands are printed, using the latest digital printing techniques, directly onto Sintra, a form of PVC. Since there is no photographic paper or laminating process, the resulting HomestandTM photo cutout can’t ripple or have curled edges. They are waterproof and have a lifetime exceeding that of a photograph.

Q. How do I care for my Homestands™?
A. Remove dust with a soft, dry cloth. Remove spots or fingerprints from the back or base with a mild soap and water and dry with a soft cloth (Do not use detergents or cleansers). Avoid contact with the photo area.

Please remember that although Homestands™ are fun to own, they are not intended to be toys. Edges of the cut-out, or a small part broken off, can be extremely hazardous to children.