Production Homestands™

One or a million and one™ is not just our slogan, it reflects the production capability available to your company at Homestands™, LLC. Through our patent pending, mass-production techniques, we can provide you with as many Homestands™ as your application requires.

Homestands™, LLC takes your uploaded, high resolution photograph and prints it directly on 1/8" Sintra®, a form of PVC. The desired image portion is then sculptures using a router. The resultant "Homestand™ photo sculptures" is inserted into a channel which has been cut in a black, gloss finish, acrylic base, and is adhered to the base with a bonding adhesive. Production Homestands™ can be ordered in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 6 feet, and in quantities from 1 to 1,000,001. We quote based on your size and quantity requirements.

So whether it’s 100 for a sales meeting, 1,000 for dealership displays, 25,000 for a new customer promotion, 50,000 for ballpark giveaways, or 1,000,001 for a new novelty product, we can meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Try us.

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Action photos of Major League baseball players became the subjects for Custom Homestands™ to be used as ballpark giveaway promotional items (Sorry, they’re not for sale to the public!).

Custom Homestands™ were produced of several Airstream models for consideration as displays, dealer promotions, and several other advertising specialty applications.

Come in for a test drive in the new Corvette, go home with a Corvette Homestand™, was the way this sleek promotion was presented.

Here’s the easiest, quickest, hassle-free way to determine if Homestands™ will work for you:

First, Go to the Custom Homestands™ section, upload the image you’d like to see as a Homestand™. The higher the resolution, the better the Homestand™. We’ll give you a credit for the $50.00 cost upon receipt of your production order of 25 pieces or more.

Then, If the sample you’ve received satisfies your need, call us (see Contact Us). We’ll be happy to answer your questions, discuss quantity, size, pricing, and delivery.

Or, if you’d prefer, fill out the Inquiry Form below and we’ll respond via e-mail to your request.

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1When I first saw the Homestand™ sample, I wasn't certain it would work as a promotional giveaway. I'm really glad you talked me into it! It may have been the best promotion we've ever done. Please send us 100 more.2
--Bill J.
1Thank you for your quality product and for meeting our tight delivery schedule. We appreciate a company that truly believes in customer service. We won't hesitate to use Homestands™ again for our upcoming promotion, incentive, and display needs.2
--Karen R.
1Your suggestion to give a Homestand™ of our new product as a gift for those attending our national sales meeting was a big hit. We've gotten only positive feedback. Several of our salespeople would like to give similar Homestands™ to their prospective clients. We're considering include some in next year's budget.2
--Mary N.