Custom Homestands Selection

We take your high resolution photograph (which has been uploaded, sent as an email attachment, or mailed to us), print it on high quality photographic paper, and adhere it to 1/8” black or white acrylic. The desired image portion is then cut out using a scroll saw. The resultant “Homestand® Photo Sculpture is bonded to a glossy, black acrylic stand. Homestands® have been called Photo Stands, Photo Sculptures, Photo Pop-Outs, Photo Stand-Ups, Photo Sculpture Stand-Ups. Got the idea? All you need to remember is Homestands®.

Standard Homestands®/Family Tree OrnamentsTM

Standard Homestands are made by printing your photo with vibrant, long-lasting printing inks, on high quality, satin finish, photo paper. It is then adhered to 1/8" black or white acrylic, and the selected portion is cut-out. Hence, the name "Photo Sculptures." The final step is bonding your photo sculpture to a glossy, black acrylic stand or placing a hook on the back for your Family Tree Ornament.

Doublits Homestands®

Doublits™ as we call them, consider that sometimes the photo portion behind the primary subject is an integral part of the photo, and should be maintained. We separate the primary subject from the background, creating a three dimensional appearance. Both portions are mounted on black acrylic, bonded together, and mounted on a glossy, black acrylic stand.